ChainNinja enables global business transactions with lesser friction at a higher degree of trust using block-chain technologies,
which presents opportunities for disruptive innovation.


While blockchain's potential is transformational, the landscape is still emerging and developing...

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Solution Build & Implementation

We offer complex implementation management, third party vendor integration and custom coding...

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It is a fun multimedia, accelerated overview seminar on Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Ledgers...

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Blockchain Security/Audit Framework

ChainNinja offers smart contract services. These services ensure we have validated validator services...

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We offer holistic solution design that encompass people, process, operating model and technology...

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What is Block Chain?


Road Map

Access: Evaluate
Evaluation of workflows and diagrams. Interviews with department heads and technologies created
Advise: Diverge
Advisement on how blockchain based next generation solution on a use case defined will produce the greatest benefit
Design: Create
Defining of the process that will be implemented by the solution and defining the solution design to implement the process
POC Development: Validate
Create a detailed technical design for POC development and produce POC
Field Trial: Transform
Address all technical flaws that could affect full roll out
Production: Produce
ChainNinja will work with the client to make sure appropriate hardware and software capabilities that will handle blockchain based system once you implement it in full

Chain Ninja Team


Lisa Marks-Canty


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Sanjay Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO

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Taj Haslani


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