OfferingsChainNinja enables global business transactions with lesser friction at a higher degree of trust using block-chain technologies, which presents opportunities for disruptive innovation.

Strategy Assessment

While blockchain's potential is transformational, the landscape is still emerging and developing. We have been a valuable advisor, both strategically and technically, as we experiment and prototype practical use cases around blockchain.

As part of our strategy assessment offering, we go through Blockchain applicability, business impact, defining architecture, technology selection, and deployment topology discussions. Your blockchain and distributed ledger efforts will be most effective if you see them as ways to reinforce or strengthen your company's most distinctive capabilities - the ones that differentiate you in the market. For example, if you are known for rapid fulfillment and responsive customer service, the fast turnaround rates enabled by blockchain could allow you to stay ahead of competitors. At the same time, the technology is too new and unproven to base your company on. Therefore, your best investments are those that allow you to explore new approaches with strategic potential and understand the costs involved before committing to them.

We need to have a clear idea of your company's strategic goals, and how blockchain could enhance its value proposition by going through steps including "finding specific opportunities", "exploring feasibility and readiness", "putting prototypes to work" and "scaling efforts appropriately".

  • Product & Market Assessments
  • Blockchain Adoption Strategies
  • Architectural Consumption Models
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Blockchain Application Ideaology
  • ICO Strategy and Development
  • ICO Advisement

Solution Design

We offer holistic solution design that encompass people, process, operating model and technology. We believe a systemic approach is required, instead of an 'everything-on-the-Blockchain' approach. We recognize the key considerations and layers involved, and addresses the correct requirements on the correct layers.

Solutions vary in application, but they all share the same infrastructure design considerations, whether they know it or not. We base our blockchain solution design on these five pillars:

1. Permissioned/Private: Writing records is exclusive to members, third parties can be granted read-only access, the general public excluded. The permissions architecture goes beyond 'access = everything' and allows third party access to specific raw data, as deemed appropriate, for interoperability and application requirements.

2. Decentralized/P2P: Allowing for equal control over the shared database, between all permissioned participants, and of equal importance. Distributing the number of full copies (nodes) of the ledger to maximize probability that there will always be a complete record in existence and available for those with permission to access.

3. Immutability and Data Integrity: Records are guaranteed to be cryptographically secure, with no possibility of bad actors threatening data integrity.

4. Scalability: The ability to secure trillions of transactions or records without compromising the networks synchronization, security, accessibility or data integrity. 5. Security: Support for data encryption and the management and enforcement of complex permission settings for participants and third parties.

How do we achieve all 5 pillars in a solution design?
Separating immutability from scalability considerations, solves several current Blockchain design bottlenecks and that is why in some cases we create three layers "blockchain", "data-store" and "application".

  • Integration with blockchain
  • ethereum, bitcoin, IOTA, multichain, counterparty
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Wallet / Explorer
  • Admin Analytics
  • Full Stack from Web/mobile to blockchain to big data/real time integration with blockchain
  • IOT + blockchain integration
  • APIs

Solution Build & Implementation

We offer complex implementation management, third party vendor integration and custom coding. Our first priority for each client is to understand their unique situation and work with them to build and implement solutions that solve problems and prepare them for future growth.

We deploy solutions that will be embraced by the business to meet real business needs, not just the implementation of technology for technology’s sake. Our Solutions Implementation Process includes all aspects of project execution from strategy and conceptualization, through initiation, planning, execution and operations.

ChainNinja is framework agnostic, allowing us to develop on ALL Hyperledger, Corda, Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms. This keeps us from being restricted to one platform and can build the perfect Blockchain solution for your specific needs.

  • (POC) Proof of Concept
  • MVP
  • Enterprise Blockchains
  • Private and Public Blockchain
  • IOT and ML integration


It is a fun multimedia, accelerated overview seminar on Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Ledgers, Blockchain platforms and technology. We will start with basic concepts, explain new terminology, define some sample easy to understand use cases, describe a few industry specific use cases, explain the technology, discuss the ways to get your team involved, and discover ways this innovative framework applies to you.

This session will provide your team a jump-start into Blockchain future impacting companies, business intermediaries, business systems, use cases, proof-of-concept, cost, communities, trust, security, speed, internet, optimize business processes interoperability and production scalable environments. We customize the agenda to fit the audience as well as tailored use cases based upon the enterprise. The course can be adjusted and tailored to your needs.

The following is a list of areas we have customized:

  • Define Blockchain Technology
  • Non-Technical Technology Overview
  • Blockchain technology tools, frameworks, mechanisms, networks, platforms
  • Technology components such as – Digital Signatures, P2P Systems, Hashes As Addresses, Blockchain Transactions, Blockchain Block Structure, Introduction to DLT, Types of Blockchains, Common design patterns (side-chain, off-chain)
  • Benefits of blockchain for the business—how to sell it up the chain
  • Specific use cases
  • Adoption DLT, AI, ML, IOT, etc
  • Platform Overview—High level benefits and challenges:
    • Introduction of Hyperledger Fabric
    • Introduction to R3 Corda
    • Introduction to Ethereum/Quorum
    • Implementation—How to get started, what does a startup look like?
    • What is the future of blockchain?

Developer Training

ChainNinja offers a three-day developer training course led by industry professionals. This course is meant for developers, coders, architects, etc who will work with blockchain in some capacity. Day one of this course offers an overview of Corda, an introduction to CorDapp, and an explanation of Corda Nodes. Day two explains the Corda Ecosystem, how to program smart contracts in Corda, Client RPC API and Smart Contracts Coding, and the life cycle and implementation of transactions on Corda. The final day of this course will provide detail on modeling business processes on Corda, an explanation and demonstration of various Corda Tools, and finally a brief troubleshooting of CorDapp and Corda itself. For more information and pricing details please reach out to us at [email protected].

Blockchain Security & Audit Framework

ChainNinja offers smart contract services. These services ensure we have validated validator services, ensuring that every aspect of your contract is secure. We have a variety of services to help implement this including: static analysis, verification, signed validation, dynamic analysis, documentation, solidity development, and vulnerability testing. Static analysis allows for individual unit tests to be created for each unique function of the contract. Verification ensures that the contract will be accurate and secure, only doing/stating what you want it to say. We will provide GNU Privacy Guard, an encryption software that allows for data to be secure behind a signed validation, for all our smart contracts.

Our dynamic analysis allows us to work individually from contract to contract, ensuring every contract meets its desired goals. Each contract we provide also has detailed documentation of each part, including changes, conditions, parties, etc. Solidity development allows you to create your own secure contracts independently to your own specific needs. Lastly we ensure that all our contracts and services are secure by doing extensive vulnerability testing; running the code against a variety of the most common weak points.